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Apple 4 n 1 desert combo15gal.10
Apple Beverly hills semi dwarf15gal.10
Apple dorsertt golden15gal.10
Apple fuji semi dwarf15gal.10
Apple granny smith semi dwarf15gal.10
Apricot kage frt15gal.10
Apricot katy15gal.10
Apricot royal semi dwarf15gal.10
Berry blackberry brazos5gal.25
Berry blackberrys natchez 5gal.25
Berry blueberry miblue berrys5gal.100
Berry blueberry sunshine 5gal.45
Berry blueberrys jewel 5gal.95
Berry boysenberry5gal.25
Berry boysenberry tornless5gal.25
Berry red raspberry canby5gal.25
Fig black mission15gal.10
Fig brown turkey15gal.10
Grape chardonnay5gal.25
Grape perlette5gal.50
Grape ruby seedless5gal.25
Grape Thomson seedless5gal.25
Grape zinfandel5gal.25
Grapes black monuka5gal.25
Grapes flame seedless5gal.50
Mulberry wepping fruting15gal.9
Nectarine fantasia15gal.10
Nectarine panamint15gal.10
Peach Babcock15gal.10
Peach Babcock semi dwarf15gal.10
Peach dessert gold15gal.10
Pear 4 n 1 mild climate combo 15gal.5
Pear hosui15gal.10
Pear housi semi dwarf15gal.10
Pear twentieth century15gal.10
Pear twentieth century15gal.10
Persimmon fuyu 15gal.20
Persimmon hachiya15gal.10
Plum burgundy15gal.10
Plum santa rosa15gal.10
Plum santa rosa weeping15gal.10
Plum santa rose semi dwarf15gal.20
Walnut franquette15gal.10
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